What is HIV risk calculator? and references

 This is the second version 2.0 of HIV transmission risk estimator tool after sexual exposure. It is based on several medical guidelines that are mentioned below. It was developed initially by Dr.Almunther Alhasawi, a consultant in infectious diseases and genitourinary urinary medicine and later it became widely available and translated to many languages. Want to read more?

This calculator include the following data:  HIV risk per exposure based on meta-analysis, protective efficacy of condom and PREP (Truvada) , STD increasing risk of HIV range by folds, HIV status, anti-retroviral therapy intake and HIV viral load

All rights reserved© for The calculator should not considered a substitute of in-person doctor visit. You agree that the information and calculations presented by this tool are for educational purposes, thereby, we do not assume any responsibility for the consistency of this information with the opinion or diagnosis of health providers.


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.Last update was on October 2021

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